Chilenismos for iOS

An iOS iPhone app that lets you browse, search and learn Chilean slang and expressions. Your new best friend in understanding what Chilean folks are saying.

Chilean slang. Right in your pocket.

"Agarrar papa, subir por el chorro, cachuchazo, huevear, flaite, cuico, filo, patas negras…" Chilean spanish is full of slang!

"Chilean Slang just got easier!"

Read what the folks at Inside Santiago wrote about Chilenismos for iOS!

Great app ★★★★★
"A must for any foreigner visiting Chile." - Zicuta_cl (United States)


Definitely a must for living/visiting chile ★★★★★
"In Chile people speak almost no Spanish. That's very confusing for foreigners. Getting this app will make your communication easier for sure." - Nicolas Abumohor


Buenísima! ★★★★★
"Esta aplicación es la mejor manera de unirse a la conversación con el mejor estilo de nuestro querido Chile. Ideal para todos los amigos extranjeros!!!"- Fer Galaz


Great App ★★★★★
"Excelente aplicación, muy bien hecha, buenas definiciones y además entretenida!!" - Carina Faure


Buenisima! Muy pro! ★★★★★
"Esta es una de esas apps que son una joya: de calidad, buen diseño ¡y ademas gratis! ¡¡Mis felicitaciones al creador!!" - ean1618

It's a searchable dictionary!

With over 380 slang terms and expressions, 600 definitions in English and Spanish and examples.

Includes an indicator that shows how common each chilenismo is and another than will help to avoid that ones you shouldn't use in from of your grandma.

It's a game!

The Chilenismos quiz game will help you to recognise and learn the Chilean slang in an easy manner.

It just keeps on growing!

We are constantly updating and expanding the dictionary so therefore if you would like to contribute something or make a recommendation please make no hesitation in contacting us through the in-app submission tool, email or via this super cool form:

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